The Footlighters’ Sound and Lighting Equipment Borrowing System, or SLEBS for short, helps CWRU organizations to have all the necessary sound and lighting equipment to make their events great. SLEBS can be used for sound and lighting needs of any size, from borrowing a mic for presenters all the way up to borrowing amps and speakers to put on a concert. Make sure to read the policies on the proper use of SLEBS, peruse the equipment list for all the equipment SLEBS can offer, and check the schedule for the time of your event.

Any questions about SLEBS should be directed to our secretary, Rachel Arvizu (
– Please read before renting equipment
Borrowing Policy

Approved by unanimous vote of the Footlighters Executive Board on January 11, 2018.


The Sound and Lighting Equipment Borrowing System (SLEBS) is a program run by the Footlighters on behalf of USG. Through this program, the Footlighters lend sound and lighting equipment free of charge to USG-recognized student organizations. In exchange for running the program, the Footlighters earn first priority for SLEBS equipment during Footlighters productions. This policy describes the program’s rules and procedures.


SLEBS equipment may only be borrowed by a properly trained individual on behalf of a CWRU USG-recognized student organization (the “Organization”) of which he or she is an active member. Exceptions to these qualifications are only made for organizations within CWRU. Such organizations may be charged a rental fee set by the Footlighters.

Priority for borrowing is granted in the order that equipment is requested, except:

The Footlighters have first priority for all SLEBS equipment during their fall and spring productions.

Winterfest has first priority for all SLEBS lighting equipment during their winter concert.


The Organization is responsible for:

The transportation of all equipment to and from the event location.

Setting up and taking down the equipment before and after the event.

All damage to, loss to, or theft of the equipment as a result of the event. The organization will be fined according to the fine procedure outlined in this policy.


A representative of the Organization (the “Contact”) fills out the SLEBS Equipment Request form at least 10 days prior to the event. Failure to do so before the deadline will not guarantee approval of the request.

The Contact receives confirmation from a representative of the SLEBS Committee. Without a confirmation, there is no guarantee that approval has been granted.

The Organization’s event is placed on the SLEBS reservation calendar.

Lending and return of the equipment is coordinated between the SLEBS Committee and the Contact, then carried out.

After the event, a representative of the SLEBS Committee will inform the Contact of any fees his or her organization incurred.


All fines are paid to the Footlighters.

If there is damage, loss, or theft of the equipment, the Organization will be fined. The fine will be equal to the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment, whichever is less.

A fee of $20 will be charged to the Organization if its representatives are more than 30 minutes late to a scheduled lending or return time without giving prior notice of at least one hour.

A fee of $5 will be charged to the Organization for each cable longer than 10 feet returned to the SLEBS Committee uncoiled.

Losing Borrowing Privileges

Violations of this policy or repeated fines may be cause for the revocation of any individual’s or organization’s borrowing privileges.

USG-recognized organizations may have such privileges revoked for a period of up to four years.

All other organizations or individuals may have such privileges revoked for any period of time, or indefinitely.

Amendments to this Policy

This policy supersedes and nullifies all previous SLEBS Policies. The Footlighters may amend this policy at any time without prior the notification or consent of outside parties, except for Winterfest when such amendments may affect them.
What we’ve got
– Anything on this list is available for renting
Here’s whats available:

Large PA Package:

Road Ready RR8UED Road Cases containing:
QSC PLX 1804 Amplifier
DBX 215 Dual 15-Band Equalizer
DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate
Furman M-8x Power Conditioner
Marathon MA-3URDW 3U Locking Rack Drawer
2 Yamaha SM15-V Speakers

Small PA Package:

Road Ready RR8UED Road Cases containing:
QSC PLX 1104 Amplifier
DBX 215 Dual 15-Band Equalizer
DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate
Furman M-8x Power Conditioner
Marathon MA-3URDW 3U Locking Rack Drawer
2 Yamaha SM12-V Speakers

As Needed:

Yamaha MG3214FX – 32 Channel Sound Board
Yamaha MG166CX – 16 Channel Sound Board
Yamaha MG102C – 10 Channel Sound Board
Tascam 2488neo Mixer/Recorder – 24 Track Live Recording/Mixing Board
Mackie SRM1801 18″ Active HD Subwoofer
2 Mackie TH12A 12″ Active Speakers
Wireless Microphone System
4 Shure BETA 58A Wireless Vocal Microphones
4 Shure ULXP4D Wireless Recievers
2 Sennheiser ME 62 Omnidirectional Microphones
3 Shure SM58-LC Handheld Microphones
4 OnStage MC7201 Round Base Microphone Stands
4 Ultimate Support TS-90B Telelock Speaker Stands
Cabling and Adapters as Needed

Lighting Equipment:

12 ft Lighting Stands (x4)
64 LED Par Can Lights (x16)
38 LED Par Can (x7)
DMX Cables 25 ft (x4)
DMX Cables 6 ft (x18)
DMX Cables 15 ft (x2)
Mini-Clamps (x26)
Safety Cables (x34)
Lighting Board